Conducted System Study & Redesign of System for Medium Size hospital at South Mumbai.
Conducted Survey for Up gradation for Civil Hospital in Silvasa, Gujrat.
Improvement in Efficiency in Planning & Operational Implementation program for Hospital at, Gujrat.

Our expertise:

 •   Hospital Designing & Planning

 •   Medical Expertise (Med. Services, Admin. Legal advice. etc).

 •   Financial Expertise

 •   Information Technology

 •   Biomedical Engineering

 •   Electrical and Electronic Engineering

 •   Civil Engineering Assistance

 •   Hospital Administration

Our Services :

  • Project Consultancy
  • Management Solutions
  • Medical Equipment Division
  • Medical Insurance
  • IT Services

Project conceptualization:
• Market research
• Arranging proper facilities & bed capacity
• Finalising the project size

Feasibility reports:
• Deriving the project cost
• Income & expenditure projection of hospital
• Profit and loss a/c & balance sheet
• Sensitivity analysis
• Financial planning with reference to capital adequacy

Architectural design:
• Preparation of architectural scaffolding.
• Architectural model.
• Redesigning & expansion of existing structure
• Coordination between medical consultants & biomed. engineers.

• Central airconditioning
• Electrical power system
• Fire fighting system
• Water supply
• Medical gases
• Stand by power system
• Laundry
• Compressed air & vaccum system

• Liasioning of all agencies
• Monitoring project
• Monitoring any change in plans
• Managing cash flow

• Designing salary & tariff structure
• Designing standard operating procedure (sop)
• Manpower planning & recruitment assistance
• Computerization

• Leveling
• Parking / road maping
• Entrances with security
• Plantation


• Market research
• Operational audit
• Costing of services
• Turn around strategies
• Technical feasibility study
• Management contracts
• Designing detail
• Dept. Manuals
• Hospital management information system
• Manpower planning
• Biomedical waste management
• Recruitment assistance
• Management training
• Quality management

• Equipment planning & procurement

• Medical Equipment Planning:
• Comprehensive analysis and facility evaluation
• Detailed aggregate and room-by-room equipment lists, budget & their power requirements
• Detailed infrastructure requirements for architects and engineers to design the facility

• Procurement Process:
• Formulating equipment space & tendering document processing
• Techno commercial bid analysis
• Equipment specification sheets for all equipments
• Documentation like tenders, short-listing, raising purchase orders, follow-up etc

• Equipment Auditing

• Inspecting and evaluating equipment on the basis of physical status, past service records, and user        interaction
• Evaluating adequacy of working environment in terms of civil infrastructure & engineering services for   major equipment
• Assessing capacity of equipment to support a particular department and vice-versa
• Projecting a replacement plan and new procurement plan based on recent technologies, market trend,   government norms and accreditation.


•  Assisting corporate for their healthcare cover through mediclaim policy.

Why Insurance?
The economic value of a human life arises out of its relation to other lives. Whenever continuance of a life is financially valuable to others, either to family dependents, business associates, or educational and philanthropic situations, the necessity for life Insurance is present. And life depends heavily on the condition of health.

But what are the issues?
“Agents do not keep the insured correctly informed. Hence claims become problematic.” “The worst experiences in life relate to my two claims one for my wife, and one for me.” “The agent promised to get me a policy in spite of my illness! The company took the application but never replied for six months.” Therefore, “HELTH-ARCH INDIA”, the healthcare management and services act is crucial to bridge the gap between the Insurance Companies and the Customers.

Corporate Insurance Service
•  Exploring the various insurance policies available in the market and select most appropriate for specific    corporate.
•  Work closely with corporate to understand and desig a Tailor-made policy for their specific needs
•  As interface between corporate and service providers

•  We are a professionally driven organization with experts and veterans in Health Care Segment
•  We analyze the financial implications exhaustively and come up with best option available
•  We have developed a reputation as efficient and effective agency in this field and have a proven
    track record
•  Our team of professionals equals the International standard and Quality
•  Extended Services can be design by the client as per their requirement

IT Services

We provide flexible Network Support Solutions customized to both small businesses and enterprises.

Onsite project management for integration of entire networks in one or more physical office locations (WAN, LAN).

Develop a network solution focused on your business model requirement, with long term objectives.

We work closely with 3rd party software vendors to ensure the Server Hardware and peripherals are meeting all necessary compatibility requirements for upgrades / revisions of applications.

We can be helpful in:

• Network Development & Management, Network Planning Services

• Virtual Private Network

• Server / Operating System support

• Server / LAN Connectivity

• Wan Management Services

• Bandwidth Management

• Net-Meeting

• Intranet Planning / Configuration

• Client-Server Networking

• Cross-platform Host Connectivity

• Remote Access Configuration

• Traffic Analyzers

• IP security

• Electronic Queuing

• Structured Cabling Services
   • Voice and Data Cabling
   • Wireless LAN Solutions
   • Data Center Cabling Service
   • Cable Rewiring Service

• Monitoring Services

• Technical Support Service


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